Alive yet Dead

Alive yet Dead

Hello Everyone!!

For those who know me, I have been missing for almost a year now! Life indeed makes us learn a lot through the good and bad times that are being served through the journey..

My lesson from my absence is that nothing is forever! We write, we entertain, we touch many lives, we spread emotions and happiness, we share joys and tears, we support in the times of need…. yet, when we are gone, we are gone! We are missed for days, months at times.. and then we are dead.. Dead in the memory, dead in thoughts, dead in the routine..

It is such an awkward feeling to be alive and still be dead. And at the same time, it is enthusiastic to dead and trying again to come back to life. To come back to Writing!

Thanks for accepting me always!





Praised the Darkness

Praised the Darkness

as I praised the darkness

the light shone upon my soul

as I praised the clouds

the rain cleansed my thoughts

as I praised a mother

her children started to follow me

as I praised the weak

they revealed the warrior in them

as I praised the wind

it became soothing against my skin

as I praised the ocean

it gulped all my sins

as I praised the almighty

I saw the path to selflessness

and as I praised my love

we became one soul

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Stop! Please!

I see too much happening all around

People turning into monsters

Hurting, hateful, with no shame in the eyes

I see the man with power in his hands

Tossing…… twisting the greens and the oceans

I see every single being

Falling in love with lifeless gadgets

I see the birth of the nuclear weapons

To make life extinct forever

I see the world full of greed

Unhappy, dissatisfied

Oh I see too much

I wish I could just stop this all

I wish I could 

just close my eyes


Lonely Soul

Why is it

that even when you are surrounded 

by millions

you are still nothing 

but a Lonely Soul ?

Face to face with Me

I saw myself today – Standing in front of me

Facing me- Laughing at me

My heart ached – Became heavy

I learnt about my fear – My weaknesses

These eyes of mine – Wanted to scream

To release the pain – all of it

Yet nothing happened

And All that followed

Was just Silence…..

I silently

Kept looking at me