the story of failure – the other way round

Yeah!! All of them talk about the stories of success. We all have heard many of them.

And what about millions of those unsuccessful ones! Have we ever tried to listen to those too. The voice of so many of us never heard or thought about. Why is it only success that matters? Why not just accept the defeat as well and share it as a story.

It may not give us fame or the spotlight but it will make many of us start believing in ourselves. It will give a lot of us a boost of experience. Being not successful makes me common and I strongly feel its not as bad as we think it is. Not everyone can be a hero or a leader. Even a leader needs people to follow him. So, am I not playing an important role by not being a hero. My voice counts too, even if I just have a story of my failures to share.

So, I may be unsuccessful, but I am still alive and dreaming!

Come join the team, if you want to share your story.

Let’s speak up! Let’s face it boldly!

35 thoughts on “the story of failure – the other way round

  1. Why do you think you’re unsuccessful? If you’ve had some failures this doesn’t mean you’re so. You lose some battles, but in the end, you can win the war. Head up and by more optimistic! Life is beautiful and is waiting for you 🙂
    Take care, my friend!

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  2. Experience is the best teacher. Perhaps being humble and telling about our failures will be the best way to teach people reality instead of saying success is easy and all of that. A lot of successes come from MANY failures. I learned that on

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  3. I get the meaning of this post, and the offered perspective is a positive angle. So great post. But I truly believe we don’t fail and that failure is an incorrect definition. it’s about time, and the route taken , some longer with more obstacles…. for some it maybe perceived as failure to others heroism and strength of will. Just that, society is intolerable and wants things wrapped in time, or have a specific context to define success, which is neither universal nor subjective

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    1. You are absolutely right… its just about the path that talks about struggle and failing a few times… that’s what I meant by posting it… I am shy of sharing of falling down a few times… I kept trying… still there were instances close to my heart that no one ever cared about.. and that’s what I am going to share now…. failure is not the ultimate destiny… its only the path… success is the ultimate thing in our lives…

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      1. perhaps not so much ‘failing’ when on the path, isn’t it about fine tuning, developing, and progress. For example if one didn’t pass an exam, it doesn’t mean that they have not acquired knowledge or skill, or learned anything, its just that exams may require a structure, not conducive to all .. a kid who fails exams, yet goes on to be a billionaire business man, says something about the notion of failure and success.

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    2. I have actually thought the same thing. I don’t necessarily think of myself as a failure because I didn’t chase the American dream. I’m just thinking I’m a failure because I am not as far in life as I should be. I’m 27, never been married, still struggling with debt, and never published a book yet (not even a poetry anthology).

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      1. there could be many reasons why your not published YET, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect on failure or you. I think its a question of expectations, while you may not value the American dream you value another set of goals and expectations, which if not achieved tend to make failures out of us. Failure is a perspective and an attitude. I think you have a lot to smile about! 🙂

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