Its tough to get attention! I can imagine all the bloggers (except for the ones who have many followers already) publishing their posts and waiting for the response.

Well, I guess even the response comes later, what comes first is the number of views. It could be heartbreaking for the beginners to not get any less number of views on their posts. What I have learnt from my little experience from the blogging world is that one needs to be patient for a while and persistent forever.

Remember, its an ocean of people sitting and blogging their stuff on the social networking sites and I am sure, they will start to fall into your net.

Happy blogging!  Keep blogging! Live blogging!

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35 thoughts on “no one sees my blog!

  1. Hi bro your blog also consists good stuff. Yes you said well this is like ocean. The fisherman also don’t get fish in the ocean unless he attracts them, even though the ocean is full of variety fishes. You have to promote your blog, like comments, and respond to the comments. I am also newcomer to this world. Let us all support each other. Keep going good job👍👍👍👍

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  2. I love your writing style. Very creative!

    Also, I’m a new blogger, too. I just started this week. Getting started isn’t so easy. But, If we just keep posting and being supportive of one another, I think we can help one another until we get readers. If I can help you in any way please let me know.

    -Sarah Katherine

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  3. Sestina, It says that patience is a virtue. I tell you, in our days is not. If you want readers, let me give you an advice. I started my blog six months ago and I had no patience. Why? Because nobody knows you, you have to go after them (readers). So… This is my advice: Go for them! Read a lot, comment a lot, like them, follow them and you will be surprised. They will come after you. This is my way. Today I have a little community of over 600 followers and I am happy with them. Again, today patience is not a virtue. You write beautiful poems but nobody read them if you don’t promote yourself.

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      1. If you promote yourself as I told you, you will see results. Do the math. I have 600 followers in 6 months. 100 per month, right? I think it’s fast enough.

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      1. i can understand how it makes us all feel… still persistence is the key…. thanks a lot for sharing your experience.. it’s really inspiring


  4. I started my blog and twitter mainly because I read that writers need social media these days, but I wasn’t sure about the “why” of it. I found I have a platform for my poetry and thoughts on this and that, and I’m in sort of a community, reading other blog posts and commenting daily.

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