life 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


life 1.

young and free with no boundaries

giggles in abundance

roaming free on the streets

life 2.

fallen in love

suddenly someone has a remote control

to press amongst the buttons of emotions

to decide what your day would be like

abundance of happiness and pain

life 3.

marriage happened

this one surely one of those not made in heaven

well anyway, 90 percent of them are not

but a few a little more scary

life 4.

babies arrive and bring parenthood

the story starts that never ends

memories captured, discovered, made

which are worth a lifetime

this too is not 100 percent fool proof

henceforth, ups and downs

life 5.

still needs a name to be given

alone, spending days without uttering a word

sleepless nights even after 4 pills

tossing and turning thinking of nothing

what would you call it?

life 6.

beyond imagination.. to be discovered


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