A fresh beautiful morning to start with a notification from Mr. WordPress. A benchmark of more than 100 people following you.

Gives encouragement, inspires you to write more and more. It is such a heavenly feeling to know that someone out there reads what you write. They enjoy and give their valuable suggestions. It’s heartwarming to see people stopping by and appreciating your way of expressing art. You feel like being heard. You develop your skills by reading their art as well. Reading come with Writing. They walk parallel like a train track’s two sides. One can not be without the other.

I appreciate all my fellow bloggers’ support, I appreciate their time and patience. Let’s celebrate each other’s achievements together for we all are like a family. The beautiful thing here is that we may not have met, never spoken to each other, we don’t know each other’s birth dates, yet we have the power to connect to each other without fail. Nothing can stop us from experiencing each other because we are the Souls Worthy of Art..

Remember, If it’s Worth READING, it was Worth to WRITE!!

Keep writing, keep sharing, keep supporting… CHEERS!!

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