The stray dog who lives on the street outside my house. We call him Bhurelal. Yes, that’s his name.He came here about 4 years back if I remember correctly. Me, both my girls and my husband are very fond of him. He has become very comfortable with us.

I must admit that he has taught me many things and I am sharing one of his teachings today.

Over these past few years, I have been giving him food, but not on a regular basis. There are times, when there is not enough milk or chicken in my refrigerator. I have seen that on any day when I don’t offer him anything, he sits outside the gate and waits patiently and then leaves to find food somewhere else (no barking complaints).

He appreciates whatever little I do for him but at the same time, I have never seen him being upset or angry, if I don’t offer him any food. He would see me in the morning and wag his tail with the same enthusiasm as any other day, without making me realize that I didn’t feed him last night. This is such a great gesture.

It makes me realize that as a human, I tend to get upset over things if my expectations are not fulfilled, which is very unlike how Bhurelal reacts or behaves. Like him, should I not learn to appreciate what people do for me, rather than crying over what they don’t?

It is going to be challenging but I am going to try my best to practice the teachings of my dear stray dog Bhurelal. I am sure, he has many more lessons in store!!

7 thoughts on “Teachings of a Stray Dog

  1. The picture that featured here is his? He looks like a magnificent friend. I always loved how the dog’s eyes can tell you all about their bond with the one standing in front. I can see it in this picture too. Lovely friend to have around, i am glad you both cherish each other and i wished i could be part of the squad too but, virtually, know that i am right beside you with care to share! – Cezane.
    Splendid post dear!

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    1. Yes, its him.. I just love the way he talks through his eyes. My daughters are just mad about him. Such an adorable buddy. Thanks for your kind words.. i will come up with more of his teachings soon!!

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  2. I think it’s all about expectations. The less you have the less you crib or find fault in others. I am sure that buddy of your’s has no expectations. Whatever you give he will accept it with open arms 🙂

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