Back when i worked as a collection agent almost 16 years back. I am from India and I got a job with GE Capital International Services.

America was a dream country for me (it still is). Great people, better facilities, great roads, amazing restaurants, big universities and a lot more.

I was full of enthusiasm and energy. Ready to collect money due on the Car loans and JC Penney cards. As per my job requirements, I spoke to a lot of people in all the states in USA. People had different accents, backgrounds, interests. Most of them were friendly. They were all fun to talk to and nice.

With time, I realized a thing about many of them, that even if they wanted to pay, they could not take care of their bills. Single working mothers, big family to take care, lesser number of jobs, inflation were a few reasons behind their inability to make payments in time.

One big reason was, their jobs coming to India. The one that I was doing here in maybe 1/3rd of the salary they would have got in the US at that time.

When I spoke to them for payments, they asked me where was I from, and I had to tell them the truth. To my surprise, rather than being angry with me for taking the jobs from them, they told me good things that they heard about my country and how much they wanted to visit here (there were a very few instances when they sounded angry with me). I left the collections job after 2 years.

In 2012, I visited my aunt in New York (Eastchester) and I took my kids to Florida (The Disney World). I was so right about the people of the USA. They were all so ready to help, soft spoken, friendly and always wore a smile on their faces. I just loved all the 30 days that I spent seven seas away from my motherland!!

Thanks to all the people of America!! Hats off guys!!


5 thoughts on “to the people in the USA

  1. Wonderful post! While the world goes Gaga over India and it’s culture, there are many more aspects that could be learned from other countries as well. United States is a very warm and friendly country with some great manners! 🙂

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