The blogging world is amazing. It drives you, it challenges you and you strive to do more and more. I will be honest here. It’s not been too long since I started to blog, yet I feel that I have made certain observations that might help my fellow bloggers who are facing a challenge to keep up with their good work and need a little inspiration and support.

Here are a few of my observations and suggestions:-

  1. Stats and Content
    1. There may be days when the stats show high figures, and sometimes not so high. Please don’t be disheartened. You must your calm. People will come to your blog if you post good content.
  2. Publish 3 -4 posts every day
    1. Publish a minimum of 3-4 posts every day.
    2. Keep some time difference between all your posts.
    3. You might want to keep a track of different time zones on the world depending upon your target audience.
  3. Long and Short posts
    1. Try to keep your posts a little crisp to keep the audience with you till the end.
    2. This does not mean discouragement towards long posts, as it truly depends upon what information you are sharing.
  4. The title
    1. Try to give an eye-catching title to your post.
    2. People should be able to recognize the content with the title given.
    3. Remember, good content without a catchy title may be lost.
  5. Reblog your posts
    1. Try to reblog your posts after a few days. This may help you attract people who just started following you.
    2. Try not to reblog one post for more than 2-3 times. This may create loss of interest.
  6. Read other’s posts
    1. Writing comes with reading. You must read what other’s are writing.
    2. It will give you an insight of the hot topics.
    3. Knowledge is the key. It will have a good impact on your content from as you learn every time you read.
  7. Click likes and post comments as per your observations
    1. Appreciation is the key. It inspires the writer and the reader. Don’t forget to hit the ‘like’ tab if you like a post.
    2. Write comments as per your observations. Remember, your comments can attract new followers.

Well, these are my observations and suggestions.. Let me know in case you may have something to share.



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