A Beautiful Mind

Do I look presentable? Is my hair tied properly? Wait! did I wear my lip gloss before leaving the house and so on!!


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Honestly, I don’t think about these things anymore. A woman, not bothered about her looks. They don’t matter to me much now. It’s a different phase of my life. I have 2 children to take care of. All that I think of now is getting the kids ready for school, are they eating well, the dates of vaccination, what are they learning at school, what extra curricular activities should I make them join and so on.


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It’s not about myself neglecting me, it’s not about me giving all my time to my children. It is about choosing what I feel is right. In fact, it’s my own choice, I don’t blame anyone for this and although I get tired sometimes, I still enjoy it. I love being with my children and it’s a great feeling to be able to take care of them in every possible way that I can.

I believe, that I am now paying attention to better things in..life, I am paying attention to another growing life, nourishing it with my knowledge, I am paying attention to a broader perspective, things that I feel now are the most important and close to my heart.

As far as my looks are concerned, I guess a I anyway look beautiful with my kids around. I have A Beautiful Mind.

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