my dear paper dictionary

will you forgive me please

for i don’t hold you anymore

i dumped you in that old box

sealed, kept somewhere in my garage

there were days, when i couldn’t do without you

i would open and search through you a hundred times

on days when i wrote essays in my school

would you forgive me for i am selfish now

lazy to flip through your many pages

i now depend on the latest means

today, i have the urge to open the sealed box

in which i dumped you with my own hands

today, i have the craving to hold you again

i promise to keep you safe in my bag

promise to carry you along everywhere

forgive me my dear paper dictionary

i shall dump you NEVER again

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15 thoughts on “my dear paper dictionary

  1. I still like paper that can be held in your hands too. Walking into a library has a wonderful smell, just like walking into a Leather Supply Store has its own wonderful smell. Some things may be out of date according to the times, and take more space to store, but when the power is out or the battery is dead you can still use those items, and they are more appreciated then. Also old dictionaries have some old words in them that have fallen out of use, or the word is used differently…nostalgic.

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