Dogs are Loyal – Cats are Royal


cats or dogs

someone once, asked me to choose

well..  the question, was kind of heavy

i spent hours, thinking

couldn’t choose one

as i look at them and praise the beauty

they both hold

to me – both are precious


if the dogs are loyal

the cats are royal

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he found love in words

he found love in words


when love failed

to find it’s way to him

from the heart of a soul

he dearly cared for

he opened his arms

expanded his horizon

with a pen and some ink

he wrote his heart

he found his love

in words that appeared on paper

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just one thing i wanna say

desperate to assure you

i will be waiting right here

in case you change your mind

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would you remain mine

would you remain mine


when my heart be relieved of its job

bringing the flow of red fluid to a halt

when the vision in my eyes will fail

pretty picture of your face will not reach my brain

the scent of your body will illuminate me no more

my ears would refuse to hear your gleeful laughs

when i will no more be able to taste your tongue

my sense of touch will not feel your hand on mine

i wonder about the day i shall depart

would you still love me like you do now

would you still remain mine?

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a queen – in dream

a queen – in dream

Truly a Queen


i sat on a throne

wearing a crown with pearls and diamonds

they bowed their heads – all of them

one after the other presenting their gifts

addressing me as “my Queen” “my Lady”

waitresses around bringing me wine

holding the length of my glorious gown

i discussed the strategy for the enemy at war

they all listened to me carefully

watching the scene from a distance

stunned, i couldn’t grasp what’s happening

then told myself, maybe i am in heaven

just when i was getting ready to consume this glory

my brother woke me up

from my dream

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i know of a woman

i know of a woman

a tribute to a strong woman – a mother


a woman who’s got no fame

that woman with a common name

the one with her hands always full

with challenges to keep coming her way

life tested her patience at every step

she knew she had countless nights

kept her hope alive through her children

that woman till date is fighting

she doesn’t care of the pain her age is bringing

she still has a few battles to be won

she still dreams with her eyes open

she prays to the almighty without a fail

still performs her duties every single day

though i know for sure she would never fall

there must be times, when she cries alone

for she is amazed at the length of her tough walk

how i know of her so well and deep

is for the fact that i am a part of her

yes, this stunning woman is my mother

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‘mommy i love you’ my daughter told me

‘mommy i love you’ my daughter told me

this is how the day started today… with the most amazing sweet voice telling me ‘mommy i love you’ and her tiny hands made me a mother’s day card…

happy mother’s day to every mother, daughter and son.