Ola !! Ola !!

To all the bloggers like me who are trying to establish a name, trying to give a sense of surety to give a good read to the readers. Digging deep to find those words to attract people!

“You come visit my blog and I promise to give you my best”. Our motto! Some may like what i write, some may not but I still carry on, in search of more of them who gel well with me.

Writing brings pleasure to our souls and at the same time, being heard gives us a sense of contentment, isn’t it?

I wrote something, and someone somewhere READ it, the bonus is they hit the LIKE TAB and here comes the super bonus, they even took out time to write a COMMENT. Wait, it’s not over yet, the jackpot is yet to arrive when they hit the FOLLOW TAB! Well, well.. this is something that gives us pleasure. I accept it. Do you?

It’s a great community where I have seen people extending their support through suggestions and likes. We are all capable of inspiring each other. We are capable of making each other smile. It is an amazing feeling and I am glad I am a part of this Blogging World!

Thanks for reading!!


32 thoughts on “Motto of we Bloggers!!

  1. well said. one of my best decisions ever was to keep going with my blog in this WP community.

    “Writing brings pleasure to our souls” – Indeed

    “being heard gives us a sense of contentment” – Indeed

    “We are all capable of inspiring each other. We are capable of making each other smile.” – Indeed

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  2. Words reach miles. Thoughts pierce the heart. People are held on iris. Keypads are punched quite often, But, that’s like the sweet touch of a mother. Like, the encouragement. Comment, a little more, the bondage our writings impacted. Follow, the reflection of True sense of Living. On the whole, blogging is like the blinking star, not everyone know the essence of it, but when the circumstances are met, words of someone flash into mind in series, where the real success of the blogger lies.
    Thanks for making me emotional.😊😘

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    1. you are most welcome my Dear… life is all about being emotional, that’s the only thing that keeps us human.. its beautiful how my words touched your heart… your kindness inspires me to create more…Love

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