whispers of HOPE covered the sky

falling on earth like soft snow flakes

giving a dazzling sight for the eyes to behold

spreading positivity for the hearts to hold

the nights not darker not longer no more

days inspired, like rising  waves on the shore

souls swarmed with zeal to the goal

unstopping, tirelessly ascended the slope

let’s see, let’s hear, let’s smile some HOPE

invincible, supreme, angelic – HOPE

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a letter of Love

a letter of Love


A letter of love that i wrote

it was a sunny Sunday afternoon

i lay in bed missing my girlfriend

damn internet was throwing tantrums

since morning, it won’t start up

the few network towers in my village

chose to take a day off

i was determined to scribble how i felt

looked for some ink to fill my pen

to her, i wrote a letter of love

i took all day all evening to finish

yet, it wasn’t really long to read

for i spent good enough time

digging my heart for words

Before i gave the letter to her

i myself read it a million times

through my precious beautiful letter to my love,

i asked her to be mine

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My Blog is my Baby – so we all feel!

My Blog is my Baby – so we all feel!

My Blog is my Baby! That’s how we all feel. Isn’t it!

We are in love with our blogs, it is something we are so close to, dearly in love with. We care for our blogs the way we care for our child. And that’s why we choose to do the following:

  • We nurture it with our thoughtful posts.
  • We want to give it time to grow and learn from others.
  • We want to take our blog to the next level and finally to heights just like we would aspire for our child to grow and be successful.

There is an enormous amount of time, effort and research that’s put to build a blog. It’s true! It requires a lot of patience too. We compromise on our sleep sometimes to think or to write about something close to our hearts. Worked on it sometimes, till our back starts to ache! Changed the sitting position to ease our body a little and still we didn’t stop staring at the screen. That’s the reality!!

Well, the blog too has something in store for us.

In return, it takes care of each one of us. It gives the us the pleasure of speaking our heart, it gives us all an opportunity to make ourselves heard, it gives us the satisfaction of being someone who is not lost, someone recognized, with an identity.

Together, we share the moments of success and low times. We inspire and console each other at the same time. We walk hand in hand.

That’s give and take and it has built a beautiful relationship between our blogs and us. I am sure each one of us would like to say one thing:-

“My blog is powerful and it has made ME so”

Cheers to the Love of Blogging!!

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Congratulations! Your blog is growing!

Congratulations! Your blog is growing!

Hey Guys!!

In continuation to the earlier post Motto of We Bloggers, this was something that I needed to share. Another wonderful and challenging experience of a blogger’s life. This is an everyday affair. A journey that most of us start everyday.

We sit in a train of thoughts and try to live through our journey. Many stations need to be crossed before the train stops finally at our destination. We keep thinking and writing and keep publishing our posts!

Do we know the best part yet! No? Well, we see our blog growing. Yay!! No matter what, slow or fast, the train of our thoughts leads us to our station. The number of views, the number of likes and followers have to grow with time.

For some, the train is slow and for some its a fast one, but we must keep writing. Remember, writing encourages us to be outspoken, it challenges us to keep raising issues that we feel need to be sorted, it keeps the flow of our blood paced with our thoughts penned down so we decide to continue.

We take the train everyday, travel a few miles, reach our stop and finally the numbers tell us these magical lines –

Congratulations!! Your Blog is Growing!!



when no one believed in me – I did


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my dear paper dictionary

my dear paper dictionary


my dear paper dictionary

will you forgive me please

for i don’t hold you anymore

i dumped you in that old box

sealed, kept somewhere in my garage

there were days, when i couldn’t do without you

i would open and search through you a hundred times

on days when i wrote essays in my school

would you forgive me for i am selfish now

lazy to flip through your many pages

i now depend on the latest means

today, i have the urge to open the sealed box

in which i dumped you with my own hands

today, i have the craving to hold you again

i promise to keep you safe in my bag

promise to carry you along everywhere

forgive me my dear paper dictionary

i shall dump you NEVER again

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purple rose

purple rose


then came the dawn

dreaming bud took a lazy yawn

stretched its arms it felt the dew

it was its moment to bloom

soft rays of the sun served a little glow

petals all announced to unfold

one after the other they all glorified

revealing divinity of a purple rose

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