an evening it was

i decided to tease my loneliness

so i called for a get together

no one else accepted my invitation

that evening when i was the host

my only guest was a white faced ghost

the ghost was generous to pay me a visit

to sit with me, talk a little bit

we shared a strange congeniality

somehow worried me occassionally

the evening started to graduate to night

white color on his face had started to vanish

i struggled to see through the darkness

trying to feed my anxiety, moved a little closer

my eye refused to believe what they witnessed

left spellbound, not even a word i could utter

towards him as i pointed my finger

weakly i could only murmur

am I seeing ME !

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7 thoughts on “i was the host – my guest was a Ghost

      1. My pleasure. One sees or reads many stories on the blogosphere. Not all are good. Yours was. Because of the beginning (Your invitation to which no-one came but the ghost) and the unexpected end. 😉

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