i woke up with wings

that morning as i woke up i had wings like a fairy white and flawless someone whispered to me in my ears her voice soft and mesmerizing my eyes were still puffy from the sleep as i rubbed them i tr…

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my dear Photographer friends

my dear photographer friends sometimes, i am a little jealous of you i am jealous of you in a positive way i am rather intrigued for you have the secret to eternity you possess the art to capture l…

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Motto of we Bloggers!!

Ola !! Ola !! To all the bloggers like me who are trying to establish a name, trying to give a sense of surety to give a good read to the readers. Digging deep to find those words to attract people…

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say a little Prayer today

say a little prayer today say a few special words to the almighty close your eyes, join your hands connect yourself with the unseen the power of someone guarding us healing wounds of all kinds God …

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to tell them.. He is Gay

to tell them.. He is Gay


should he, should he not tell them

should today be the day of announcement

although it pained to think, why he had to

why couldn’t they just think it’s fine

society keeps blabbering their open mind

still they make him feel he is different

why is he scared of their reaction

honestly, why does he even need to care

why does he need to gather courage

to tell them He is Gay

and then he makes his decision

he is going to celebrate his individuality and his choices

no one has the right to take it away from him

for he is proud of who he is

he is no more shy or scared

to tell them He is Gay


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Its for all the followers who have made mySestina special!

Its for all the followers who have made mySestina special!

Well Well..

Its for all the followers who have made mySestina special!

It’s for all the fellow bloggers who took out time to READ and to PRAISE!

It’s for You and it’s for US!

It’s never for mySestina alone!!

A huge thanks to all my friends from the blogging world!!


a city birthing a city

a city birthing a city

glorious city with colorful lights

glittering with gold, with best lifestyle

fancy people belong here

they all wear hats and long coats

their shoes polished shining

their language articulate

men always walk with pride

their ladies always glowing and bright

each one of them own a house big and plush

inside they sit and relax

while they sip their english tea in expensive cups

someone not so polished sweats

this someone not so polished, is the servant who does’t sleep

the one who cooks for a family of 20, for him there’s nothing to eat

he doesn’t wear shoes of any kind, nor does he speak good language

always he walks behind the master carrying his master’s luggage

his children have never seen a school, neither have they seen a playground

for they are forced to follow the footsteps of their father

they never step out of the servant’s quarter

generations to come shall follow the tradition

children of masters to remain masters

to rule the children of the servants

slowly, the glittery glorious city, birthing a city

that’s dull, full of pain

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make me pure

make me pure


hold me close so i melt in your arms

hold me close so i breathe your scent

hold me close so there’s no air between us

hold me close so i let loose my worries

hold me close so i sleep in peace

hold me close so i hear your heart beat

hold me close so you could hear mine

hold me close so i could kiss you anytime

hold me close so i make your soul mine

hold me close for when you do

you make me pure…. you make me pure

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dear tiny SPARROW

dear tiny SPARROW


my dear tiny SPARROW

i miss your chirping in the mornings

all my childhood, you woke me

before the sun could announce the day

the nest you made many times

in a hole on the wall of my house

i climbed on the back of a few kids

to watch your tiny eggs laid

my heart breaks to learn you are extinct

for the sharp rays of the mobile towers

guilt contains my heart to comprehend

your presence will never be

relished by my children

your musical chirping will never

wake them up in the mornings

for them, remains only

the hollow power of the mobile towers

and not a tiny beautiful you

knowingly, unknowingly

i repent to have killed you

o my dear SPARROW.. i miss you

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Journey of we Bloggers

Journey of we Bloggers

Yeyllow! What’s up!

I decide to write a Prequel to Motto of We BloggersThe journey for we bloggers with each post that we write.

First thing, you know what? An idea to grab my attention. I know what I am going to write about today. Oh man, I guess this is going to be simply amazing.

Does this go through your mind as well? Well, with me it does. And now presenting the next step, which is – Writing. Now! that comes with a lot of imagination. Sometimes, we take a long time to write a post and sometimes less. Depends really on our mood and the availability of time. Sometimes, we just write what we are feeling in that particular moment and that comes out really well mostly! Maybe because, those are the true emotions of the moment.

Already!! Let’s move ahead. The writing part is done. Now what? Well, give it an appearance. Open Mr. Google and look for a perfect picture for your post. This one is OK, I guess, O no wait! I guess this is better or will this be more interesting?!.. and till the time we find the best picture to match with our post, we keep troubling  Google Uncle.

Alright, now i have found the picture as well. What do i do now? Hmmm, let me fill in the categories and a few tags for the post. This was easy.. I am done with that too… now do I hit the publish tab?

O no wait! let me proof read the post. Let me check for any changes or any sort of grammatical errors, spell checks. Is the language looking right? Guess, all is in place. Now, can i publish it? Should I? Hmm, guess, I will go and hit the publish tab.

There, I hit the PUBLISH tab…

The after story has already been presented to you.. check out Motto of We Bloggers if you haven’t yet!!

This is an every time journey for all we bloggers with each post that we write. But the best part is that we never get tired of it. In fact, we love it, we live every moment of it.

Hope you all can relate to the experience. Please drop your suggestions for any additions to make this experience even more interesting.

Cheers to Blogging!! Cheers to Bloggers!!


when u loved me.. when u deceived me

when u loved me.. when u deceived me


when you loved me

you reached till this heart of mine

you deceiving me

empowered your reach

to every bit of me

all of me

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from a Woman to a Mother

from a Woman to a Mother


it was her, just her …. a woman

made love to a man for she was his wife

started to experience another life inside

her womb was a bit more sensitive now

her belly increased a little every moment

another heart started to beat inside her

she truly became a woman with two hearts

life grew inside each day every moment

one after the other all the senses came to life

inside her womb, the baby started to hear

she even cried at times she smiled

kicked a few goals sucked on her thumb

nine months advanced, it was time for the finale

anxiety & excitement both filled the woman

for the pain so intense, unable to bear

her muscles stretched and loosened with each contraction

o heaven!! come out fast, she told the baby

hours of pushing and screaming and heavy breathing

finally, she could hear her first cry

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when he made love to her

when he made love to her


masculine fragrance of his body

freshness after a shower

that sort of Christian Grey

with his fifty shades

seductive smile on his lips

playfulness in his eyes

he looked at her deeply

made her sip her wine

his tongue tasting her earlobes

she moaned shyly with pleasure

whispering to herself

she was dreaming in heaven

pleasured by her man, longing

for this dream, to last forver

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