Yeyllow! What’s up!

I decide to write a Prequel to Motto of We BloggersThe journey for we bloggers with each post that we write.

First thing, you know what? An idea to grab my attention. I know what I am going to write about today. Oh man, I guess this is going to be simply amazing.

Does this go through your mind as well? Well, with me it does. And now presenting the next step, which is – Writing. Now! that comes with a lot of imagination. Sometimes, we take a long time to write a post and sometimes less. Depends really on our mood and the availability of time. Sometimes, we just write what we are feeling in that particular moment and that comes out really well mostly! Maybe because, those are the true emotions of the moment.

Already!! Let’s move ahead. The writing part is done. Now what? Well, give it an appearance. Open Mr. Google and look for a perfect picture for your post. This one is OK, I guess, O no wait! I guess this is better or will this be more interesting?!.. and till the time we find the best picture to match with our post, we keep troubling  Google Uncle.

Alright, now i have found the picture as well. What do i do now? Hmmm, let me fill in the categories and a few tags for the post. This was easy.. I am done with that too… now do I hit the publish tab?

O no wait! let me proof read the post. Let me check for any changes or any sort of grammatical errors, spell checks. Is the language looking right? Guess, all is in place. Now, can i publish it? Should I? Hmm, guess, I will go and hit the publish tab.

There, I hit the PUBLISH tab…

The after story has already been presented to you.. check out Motto of We Bloggers if you haven’t yet!!

This is an every time journey for all we bloggers with each post that we write. But the best part is that we never get tired of it. In fact, we love it, we live every moment of it.

Hope you all can relate to the experience. Please drop your suggestions for any additions to make this experience even more interesting.

Cheers to Blogging!! Cheers to Bloggers!!


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