Yeylow Bloggers!!

Guess what I am here with today! A sequel to the  Journey of We Bloggers &  Motto of We Bloggers.

Today, let’s conclude with the Chemistry of We Bloggers!

As the name suggests, this post is completely dedicated to all the fellow bloggers around.

The journey of writing a post, publishing it and achieving attention are very important aspects of our blogging lives. Now, comes the best and the most important part. It is building chemistry amongst fellow bloggers. All of us have followers and friends and it’s amazing how we share a relationship with them.

This is no ordinary thing. It is rather an achievement to be able to build a chemistry with people we have never seen, never met, people who are not known to us, we don’t even know each other’s names mostly, yet how we connect with each other making no mistakes.

We have the power to make each other smile, bring happiness to each other with our support. Isn’t it wonderful? To me, it most certainly is! How we click with each other, how we just understand each other’s writings and photographs, how it soothes us and brings us peace. I have made many relationships here and they must be smiling while reading this, because they understand that I am referring to them. The same way you could relate to your group of followers and bloggers.

We are simply nothing without each other. It is our unity, our chemistry that makes us special. A single fish can never survive in an ocean. It has to build a family. Stay with other fish, support them and be a part of the group.

So guys, hats off to our Chemistry. I am so proud of all my fellow bloggers and I truly appreciate their effort and time to make all of us survive and thrive for the best.

In the name of our combined efforts – Cheers to the Chemistry of We Bloggers!



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33 thoughts on “Chemistry of We Bloggers

  1. Hey , so true. We built a big chemistry one among us. We achieved success and it tells the reach we made through our post. Unless our post is neat and clear, one won’t come in, like it and comment it. We bloggers are a powerful gift of god. Loads of love. Have a happy blogging:)

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  2. Hiya Zigyasa – I love these words and the kind heart that they came from. You have a beautiful way of spreading your love out into the world and I sincerely appreciate it.
    Thanks for your smiles, your support and the happiness you bring with your words.
    Robert. 🙂

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      1. Yes – I missed you yesterday too – our conversation the day before ended with me imagining you on the floor, laughing at bedtime and when I didn’t hear from you, I thought – have I done something wrong?
        It’s great to find someone that fits so comfortably into place and time.
        Have I asked you this before – what’s a sestina? 🙂

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      2. O no Dear, you never said anything out of place… it was actually late for bedtime.. to answer what sestina means – a poem with six stanzas of six lines and a final triplet, all stanzas having the same six words at the line ends in six different sequences

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      3. well… I am still planning to write one.. honestly speaking, following rules does not allow me to write me freely and I am not comfortable with it… but will still try.. I loved this name actually when i heard of it for the first time.. and i wanted to pick it.. and i made it mine… and hence mySestina

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      4. Sounds like a great way to live – like something and head towards it. 🙂
        I know exactly how you feel about rules. I’m a big fan of free-flowing stuff.
        I actually thought that it was your name at one point – how foolish is that! 🙂

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      5. hahahaha… I am quite famous.. isn’t it.. well that was my last name before my marriage… Last names usually don’t have a meaning to them… it is just the first name

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