falling from the heaven, as if

slipping away from the hands of the almighty

glorifying gravity, speeding to kiss the sand

fragmented, scattered

swaying in directions to the command of the wind

lessening in size with passing seconds

clashing with all that comes in way

making life to drip, glow the greener way

ever wondered such power such passion behind

engaged in making music of their own kind

with the tune of the clash of the clouds

these dancing drops of RAIN

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18 thoughts on “dancing drops of RAIN

  1. I so love the rain. I love being out in the rain and being in some structure with a tin roof so that I can hear the rain pound like it is beating on a drum. I love it when it rains when I am on a train and the drops of moisture chase each other diagonally across the window. I love your poem. It reminds me of the power and beauty of nature and it takes me to places where I am safe and am allowed to be myself – a child in wonderous love with the world.
    Thank you so much for sharing this, my good friend.

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  2. So, Every night I fall asleep to the sound of thunderstorms, Why? because it’s the sounds that the rain makes that relaxes my mind no thoughts just the rhythm of the water. Of course I loved it

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