ambiguous lives, lived by the living

in twin states of being awake or dreaming

overwhelming yet secretive

intrigues us souls to discover the relevance

the genuineness or the forgery

of both the worlds we spend our breaths in

are we real with these eyelids shut

or the color with our eyes open, is faithful

a mystery to remain so, never to be revealed

oh dreams and the other state of us

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14 thoughts on “oh dreams & the other state of us

    1. i truly wonder about dreams.. why we have them and its fascinating to me to know if the life with dreams is real or the one we live otherwise is so… and hence are we real with these eyelids shut?

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      1. Butterfly dreaming he was a man dreaming he was a butterfly – yes I think I understand. I really think you’d get on very well with science fiction you know! 🙂
        When I haven’t had enough sleep I do these little micro naps with micro dreams. I wonder if these are really micro awakenings. If so – I am trying to wake up into a massive variety of realms. All of them are different as … something that is very different. 🙂

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      2. Jody Foster… excellent movie… actually, I am are very selective about what movies my children watch, so I push them to see such movies which made great sense to me. I watch the movies again with my kids.. and it is great.. my elder daughter is 10 and she seems to take a lot of interest in sci-fi movies.. and other movies that I show her.. here in India, entertainment standard is not very high.. so I try to keep them away from foolish entertainment shows and movies…

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  1. If every world
    Lay along its parallel
    Would we see the others?
    Is dreaming the doorway to another land
    A land we may never know
    To fantastic to remember or understand
    When you have the rules of reality
    Pushed upon every waking moment

    Maybe only in dreams
    We are ever truly free.

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