Today I want to talk about Mrs. Sprout. A lady from our neighborhood. I have known her since my childhood days.

I never got a chance to learn her first name. She has spent all her life thinking about herself. She was never a kind person and ended up hurting a lot of people with her cruel words. She was always under the wrong impression that she had  a pretty face and all her life she cried over petty things. She never sympathized with anyone and have always blabbered her fake richness. A soul full of greed. She has always been cunning and has tried her tricks in many ways to hurt others. And on top of it all she is one lazy ass on earth.

In spite of all the above sad qualities, she has the heart to expect sympathy from people. I wonder why and how could she want to be sympathized or rather be pitied at. I guess it gives her pleasure when people pity her. Only people with low self esteem could enjoy such a thing.

Her personality and nature has made her own children dislike her. But, it doesn’t really matter to her because she does not have the ability to realize how hurtful she has been to even her own children, or may be she understands it but simply chose to ignore.

Me, mine, myself – explains her very well.

She died today, alone in her house. No one was around her, not even he children.

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