Painting on the wall

painting on the wall looks so to me i am naive, not to understand the state of mind of the man holding the brush, surrounded by colors does he belong to the city he painted or he longs for it, for …

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the Prostitute

still a child she was, no more than eight or nine eyes filled with dreams, with an urge to fly meagre means, harsh life still, there was comfort of parents around there came a day that brought the …

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my dear Photographer friends

my dear Photographer friends


my dear photographer friends

sometimes, i am a little jealous of you

i am jealous of you in a positive way

i am rather intrigued

for you have the secret to eternity

you possess the art to capture life

to capture moments, so fascinating

you pleasure millions of eyes, and hearts

you write music with your singing pictures

many lessons your art work reveals

with each click comes that beautiful sound

i live and relive your clicks

every time, i am presented with the result

so bravo, my dear photographer fellows

keep bringing the world to me

i know i am a bit jealous of you

but i am jealous in a positive way


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the empty vase

the empty vase


emptiness of the vase

filled by the light

with the green lamp

lit by its side

the spring is gone

there are no more flowers

the vase waited to be loved

why are there so many days in a year

long enough to keep the spring away

somehow, doesn’t matter much

they both have concluded to be together

have fallen in love

the lamp lit


the vase without flowers

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the Prostitute

the Prostitute


still a child she was, no more than eight or nine

eyes filled with dreams, with an urge to fly

meagre means, harsh life

still, there was comfort of parents around

there came a day that brought the storm

separated by her parents, into the hands of human traffickers

a nightmare, she was to see with her open eyes

forced into the trade of sex for the rest of her life

now the world knows that child as a prostitute

a prostitute to serve many monsters a day

one after the other they assaulted her will

with no shame to cause her excruciating pain

slowly her tears had started to dry

she had to be bold, learned not to cry

she yearned for a family and a husband every moment

knowing all her wishes were in vain

she bore a child at the age of 16

still at work with…

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a tiny drop of positivity



a tiny little drop of positivity

showered on my soul

like it was the ice melting on that mountain

the water falling endlessly

leaving me out of breath, dripping with nobility

scrubbing my heart off the unholy

did i ever imagine such influence

dominating me to my superior self

entrusting me to dispose the venom in me

leaving me speechless for the power it contains

leading me to divinity

just a tiny drop of positivity

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that mountain


wanna be

like a mountain
that takes pride to stand tall

be it lava or snow
it can take every blow

gives birth to the rivers
making life to flow

fresh, real, untouched
a home for the nature to glow

can I be like that mountain ever
the way its strong
the way its giving
the way its pure

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sexual abuse = terrorism? yes! because the haunting never ends

Can we term Sexual abuse as terrorism? My vote goes to say YES!! You want to ask why?? Because it has the capacity to terrorize the victim, fill them with grief and puts them into a state of mind w…

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the Executioner

the Executioner at work his first day of the horrendous job from now on he is to be paid for doing what’s considered a crime for the rest to do a long queue of criminals had been set waiting …

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Gender equality? Who am i fooling!!

Yes, I fool myself. Many times. You know when? Every time, I tell myself women are equal to men. Equal rights, no salary discrimination, same education blah blah !! Who am I fooling? Am I not that …

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