In response to the Daily prompt… the magic word ‘sing’


a song I meant to sing

I needed him to sing along

shyly indicated my intentions to him

we waited for the music to assist

we waited and kept waiting

were we deaf not to listen to the tune

screaming over and over to us both

assuring the possibility of the impossible

we were not meant to be what we thought

together, we couldn’t write a song

together, we were never to sing

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2 thoughts on “together, we were never to sing

  1. Sestina, I can relate to your poem. My first marriage was a disaster. Your poem describes it so well. It is so much different with Jen with whom I have been married for over 11 years now. Blessings on your week.

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    1. Dear Roland!! Sometimes we are just not meant to be… still we try.. when we fail, it pains… but life is about going ahead and bringing our dreams to us.. I m so glad, you could write and sing your song with Jen… loads of happiness to you and her!!! God bless


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