that moment



that moment

the way he looked into her eyes

i knew he made his choice

to choose her over me

that moment

when he let me loose

i knew he will hold her close

he was going to set me free

that moment

in all those moments to come

i saw them dancing

laughing together

and i silently whispered

to my wounded heart

to forgive him

to stop bleeding

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10 thoughts on “that moment

  1. As I read more and more of your poetry I think it’s unfair for people to have treated you this way.
    However, had things have been different, would it prevent you from using such powerful phrases.

    You have been hurt but your stronger Because of it. I admire your art

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    1. Hey, thank you for your kind feedback… you are so right in saying that… pain is painful, but its beautiful to bring wisdom and experience… some of my poems are the reflection of my own experiences, and some of them are observations of others lives… you made my day..

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