1st ever post on mySestina : Date April 6th 2016 


Yeah!! All of them talk about the stories of success. We all have heard many of them.

And what about millions of those unsuccessful ones! Have we ever tried to listen to those too. The voice of so many of us never heard or thought about. Why is it only success that matters? Why not just accept the defeat as well and share it as a story.

It may not give us fame or the spotlight but it will make many of us start believing in ourselves. It will give a lot of us a boost of experience. Being not successful makes me common and I strongly feel its not as bad as we think it is. Not everyone can be a hero or a leader. Even a leader needs people to follow him. So, am I not playing an important role by not being a hero. My voice counts too, even if I just have a story of my failures to share.

So, I may be unsuccessful, but I am still alive and dreaming!

Come join the team, if you want to share your story. Leave a comment below!

Let’s speak up! Let’s face it boldly!

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8 thoughts on “the story of Failure – the other way round

  1. the billionaire investor Charlie Munger is huge on the idea of aversion. Instead of seeing what successful people did and then doing that, he believes you should see what unsuccessful people do and then not do that. “To figure out how to be successful, first ask what would it take to be unsuccessful,” he says. Stories of failure are considered more important than the stories of success to people like Charlie Munger and Andrew Carnegie. nice post:)

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    1. Hey, Thanks for stopping by… Thank you for coming up with the names here.. I too believe that it is important to catch up with the unsuccessful stories for us to be able to follow the success.. It is important that we always learn from them and hence not do things that can harm our success in any way…

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      1. Yeah true… we can always learn from others too!! That’s why the ideas of sharing the unsuccessful stories in order to warn ourselves from what’s not to be done..

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