staring down through the depth of the building

She sat on the top most floor

her situation unfathomable

incapable to consider any solutions

she felt all her power evaporating

her legs trembled, felt empty

shiver ran through her spine

as she struggled to decide

to jump, or not to jump

and she did

but on the other side

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10 thoughts on “to jump or not to jump

  1. So grateful that she didn’t jump. At the very present moment it seems to be the answer but it’s not. Trust me things change over the years. What seems hopeless can change. Just please believe.

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  2. I was expecting the worst. Recently an acquaintance of mine, merely 16, committed suicide jumping of the terrace.
    But I’m glad for your hope.

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    1. oh, that’s very sad.. I am sorry for your loss my Dear… you know till the time I concluded it, i was also making her to jump for the worst, but i changed my mind at the last moment, i thought why not let her jump for the better… to life, to hope, to face the world..

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