drums, beaten vigorously with the sticks

strings of guitar, mercilessly squeezed and pulled

saxophone saturated, overflowed with air in its lungs

keys of piano, wept the pressure of pianist’s fingers

harmonica, went almost out of breath

cymbal, going deaf with unstopping collision

accordion, blown up to the extent of explosion

synthesizer, mourned to keep up the pace

chimes, yearned for wind not to blow anymore

songster, with his closed eyes

went nearly blind for the depth of the song

I was there, I witnessed that moment

when MUSIC was born

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10 thoughts on “when Music was Born

  1. The discovery of music is just like a rebirth. I discovered it at age four but I know it was in me before I was born. I love your keen observation of life.

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      1. It is early, but I was a voracious learner of music. I could never have enough and to this day, music has been my greatest love and most inexpensive therapy 🙂 You are welcome. I really do love your work!

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