two souls

two souls

two souls
lying hand in hand
under the sky
stars twinkle above
melting them
in glitter

two souls
at the adventure hidden
that future holds
in store

two souls
to imagine
their lives
as it may come
as charming as
the sky above

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No one sees my Blog!

No one sees my Blog!

New to blogging? Do you feel the title of this post is meant for you?

It is tough to get attention, isn’t it! I can imagine all the bloggers (except for the ones who have many followers already) publishing their posts and waiting for the response.

Well, I guess even the response comes later, what comes first is the number of views. It could be heartbreaking for the beginners to not have views on their posts. What I have learnt from my little experience from the blogging world is that one needs to be patient for a while and persistent forever.

Don’t get disheartened and keep writing great posts and they will come find you and your talent!

Remember, its an ocean of people sitting and blogging and they gradually will start to fall into your net.

Happy blogging!  Keep blogging! Live blogging!

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my Fear

my Fear

the path of life
has made me worth
has made me wise
falls were many
scarce was delight
at times it got too much
was just about to give up
in that moment
I gave myself an advice
there’s no fun in failing
so I stood up to fight
my biggest fall ever
made me rise
rise enough
to reach new heights
for there’s one thing
I left behind forever
my fear

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the Earth is now Angry

the Earth is now Angry

gulping the sins of the mankind

swallowing the insatiable needs of the selfish

consuming the greed of the thoughtless

the earth – helpless 

they are foolish, blinded by their demands

luxuriating lives further at the expense of the nature

bringing their future to face the wrath

boiling inside, taking shape of a volcano

do they realize, their race is going to end

the human kind is not to survive for long

for the earth is now Angry

it is left with no choice

but to take revenge, in it’s own way

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he said

he said

he said

don’t talk
she never uttered a word

he said

don’t expect
she never asked him a thing

he said

don’t follow
she never took another step


he said

don’t love
& she broke
into a million pieces

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my dark side

my dark side

darkness of the night
lit my mind
made me realize
things about me
there are a few
confessions to be made
there is also
a dark side to me

my dark side contains my sadness
my sadness leads to anger
my anger gives a boost
disgust then grows stronger

the pain is too much to handle
when my fears show up
with a need to go beyond the dark
I tell myself to grow up

the brighter side in me then
enlightens my way
I choose to start afresh
with the shining light of the day

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The Hope in Pain keeps me Alive

The Hope in Pain keeps me Alive


a butterfly curious
once asked the rose
o my dear, would you tell me
does it hurt
to give away your sweet nectar
does it hurt
when I fly away from you

the rose blushed, replied
o my pretty lady
when you touch me, my colors glow
I am sweeter
when you taste my sweetness

you flying away from me, makes me dream
leaves me a hope
that you shall come back
that you will touch me again

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Back in Time

Back in Time

voices coming
from the far end
calling over my name
come with us
give us your hand
let’s just play a game

through the telescope
of my heart
I looked
for the strangers calling
realizing who they were
my tears started falling

with a bunch of kids
It was me
on my face
there was a gentle smile
calling myself to ME
a little back in time

wish I could go
back to myself
wish I could relive
those simple
yet precious

pleasures of life

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The Tunnel of HOPE

The Tunnel of HOPE

thick dark on the inside of the tunnel

encouraging the darkness to grow even darker

providing shelter to the ghosts 

raising rodents and bats

the wetness on the sides and head above

dripping dark water cold like ice

giving shivers to me to walk inside

I had no choice, but to cross its length

my life was waiting on the other end

my feet were cold, my body was numb

took enormous courage to take my steps

seemed to me it was a journey eternal

I wished I hadn’t started it at all

I cursed myself, cursed my fate

pushing myself took a lot of effort

and then to my wonderment 

my ordeal started to fade & hope prevailed

hazy light my eyes were seeing on the far end

my heart raced with joy and excitement

suddenly, I felt so closer to my destination

the tunnel was uncompromising, yet it gave me hope

it was pessimistic, yet it gave me courage

how it propelled me to win over its sins

determined me to travel through it to win

I stood outside in the shining sun

my life was ahead, waiting for my embrace

my heart compelled to look back once

to see through the darkest dark of the tunnel

I waved my hand, bowed my head in gratitude

thanked the tunnel to show me HOPE

it taught me a lesson, never to stop

keep on going to cross a thousand tunnels

for many more were bound to come my way

as I would travel through the journey of my life

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