New to blogging? Do you feel the title of this post is meant for you?

It is tough to get attention, isn’t it! I can imagine all the bloggers (except for the ones who have many followers already) publishing their posts and waiting for the response.

Well, I guess even the response comes later, what comes first is the number of views. It could be heartbreaking for the beginners to not have views on their posts. What I have learnt from my little experience from the blogging world is that one needs to be patient for a while and persistent forever.

Don’t get disheartened and keep writing great posts and they will come find you and your talent!

Remember, its an ocean of people sitting and blogging and they gradually will start to fall into your net.

Happy blogging!  Keep blogging! Live blogging!

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30 thoughts on “No one sees my Blog!

      1. Yes, my dear. As a new blogger, we tend to feel lonely and not good about not getting attention. But, believe me I have seen that persistence and hard work do wonders. And then there are days when the notifications don’t stop giving your screens a ping. It is truly fantastic.

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  1. I agree with you! At first I felt like no one was seeing me but now I have got surprised how many people want to read about my travels and even leave a comment. Everyone should be patient and soon people will start finding their blogs 🙂

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      1. really? that’s seriously impressive:) are people just finding you? or are you using social media to drive people to your blog? or ?

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