his silence continued….

made me wait for long
I had nothing but hope
and he failed me….
but so
it couldn’t be forever
my soul craved for life
I moved on….

there! I see him again
on his knees
with a face, sure was sorry

I couldn’t do much about
it was over….
my wait – back long

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9 thoughts on “I moved on

  1. Amazing! So out of context to this post, last night i slept and in my mind the name my sestina rang in like a continuous bell, now having woke up just an hour ago, i have waited to login WordPress and hop in at one of your posts and tell you, “Hi dear, I would really like to have a word with you on matters pertaining to our Blog, which way would be the best for me to contact you Bud? ” 😀 ..Good Morning. – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Alright, on it… i will try to make the mail short as possible so as to not take much of your time. Catch you there bud! – Cezane

        Liked by 1 person

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