her glance

glued to his frame

never failing to loose his sight

in hope, she opened her arms

craved to reach out to him

her soul longed for his embrace

how so much she needed him to care

to look at her softly, just once

with a little affection in his eyes

sigh – he never turned

to face her

didn’t she know

his SKY

was never meant

for her rainbow to glow

his SKY 

was never enough for her

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48 thoughts on “his SKY was never enough for HER

  1. Reblogged this on PSYCHEDELICBAY and commented:
    Every star needs a sky to shine,
    Every moon needs a sky to light,
    Every planet needs a sky to survive,
    The sun itself needs a sky to find passage to us,
    And just like the sky, every blogger needs MySestina, to reflect success, to shine bright like the stars and learn further to derive itself power from within, like the sun. Do follow her 🙂

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