The Window

The Window

the window

what it told me in the night

I shall not let you see outside

o dear mysestina

search for the answers within

and so I followed…


the window changed its stand

when it was day, bright and grand

look out my dear through the world

enough of searching within

now its time

for a perspective

broader than your own self

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“I never had a Childhood”

“I never had a Childhood”


the boy on the door to deliver a parcel

looked no older than eleven years

wore a torn cap, no laces on his shoes

the buttons on his shirt, mostly missing

first he offered the package to me

and then a ledger with a pen

“would you please sign against your name Ma’am”

while I signed, I asked him how old was he

“I am not sure Ma’am, my mother never told me”

where was his mother, my heart forced me to ask

“I never saw her, she died the day I was born”

my heart broke, the ground slipped under my feet

I asked him since when he was working, doing deliveries

like a hard blow on my face his innocent answer came

“I have been working since the day I GREW UP Ma’am”

as he turned to leave he said to me in pain

“I was never a child Ma’am, I never had a childhood

that parcel is still sitting in my room unopened

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A letter of Love

A letter of Love

A letter of love that I wrote

it was a sunny Sunday afternoon

I lay in bed missing her madly

damn internet was throwing tantrums

since morning, it won’t start up

the few network towers in my village

chose to take a day off

I was determined to scribble how I felt

looked for some ink to fill my pen

to her, I wrote a letter of love

I took all day all evening to finish

yet, it wasn’t really long to read

I spent good enough time

digging my heart for words

before I gave the letter to her

I myself read it a million times

through my precious beautiful letter to my love

I asked her to marry me

I asked her to be mine

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The Devil’s Secret

The Devil’s Secret

in the silence of the night

shadows emerged

dancing and screaming

the bats woke up from their nightmares

the wind got mustier with every blow

the naked devils were all lined up

the cups in their hands smelled of blood

in the middle of the woods

the red flower emerged

all of them gathered around the fire

the only music was the howl of the wolves

the scarred face moon

watched in silence

as an angel passing by

called for the dawn

in the blink of an eye

the moist evil was seen evaporated

the strained sun inhaled the ashes

shadows were gone

and so were the devil

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That Moment !

That Moment !

that moment

the way he looked into her eyes

I knew he had made his choice

to choose her over me

that moment

when he let me loose

I knew he will hold her close

he was going to set me free

that moment

in all those moments to come

I saw them dancing

laughing together

building their world new

Knowing their happiness

I silently whispered to my wounded heart

to forgive him

to stop bleeding

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Tears – My friend for Life

Tears – My friend for Life

every single time
when I was alone in life
I wasn’t really alone
my tears gave me company
uninvited, they showed up on their own
every time they visited
they told me they loved my beautiful eyes
kept falling selflessly
till my sadness said goodbye
they made me weak
they made me strong
undoubtedly my tears
are my best friends
and they shall remain
all my life long

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Is she a Mother any less!

Is she a Mother any less!

privileges, she got none

deprived of life

scarcity, her only bid

her face not flawless

the scent of her body

disturbing, unpleasant

in the name of luxury to her child

she only has her lap to offer

in the name of cuisines

she got bread tasteless

she is his only comfort car

in her arms

she takes him to places

every night

as she watches him sleeping

she asks herself

for her offerings meagre

the fact that she is poor

is she a mother any less

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I am not Worth for I got no fame

I am not Worth for I got no fame


I got that eye – I imagine, visualize


I am an artist – I create, i write

I know no boundaries

I sweat blood – spend hours to decide

I tire myself to travel to the moon and sun

every second, I am on the run

my words have pain overflowing in them

merriment too is never away from my poems

I aspire to inspire a few lives

I have faith, hope never left my side

yet they tell me over and again

why do they tell me so, I fail to understand

I am not worth it for I got no fame

I got no fame

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