the boy on the door to deliver a parcel

looked no older than eleven years

wore a torn cap, no laces on his shoes

the buttons on his shirt, mostly missing

first he offered the package to me

and then a ledger with a pen

“would you please sign against your name Ma’am”

while I signed, I asked him how old was he

“I am not sure Ma’am, my mother never told me”

where was his mother, my heart forced me to ask

“I never saw her, she died the day I was born”

my heart broke, the ground slipped under my feet

I asked him since when he was working, doing deliveries

like a hard blow on my face his innocent answer came

“I have been working since the day I GREW UP Ma’am”

as he turned to leave he said to me in pain

“I was never a child Ma’am, I never had a childhood

that parcel is still sitting in my room unopened

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19 thoughts on ““I never had a Childhood”

  1. Wow! “I was never a child Ma’am, I never had achildhood“ how sharp the words are! Character study is the built in skill that is cultured while blogging.
    I could see two diverse characters here. Where one is still sustainable, strong, badass as if he has anything more to experience anymore after facing all the nightmares and still living with it. And the other one is becoming fragile and freeze only by having an outlook to the story. The question rise in me is Does God measure the degree of one’s bearing capacity and accordingly the life is framed?!
    That’s should be the reason. He is destined to be so, because he can surf even in Tsunami. There is a reason behind every living.
    So, watch the character, offer few good words if there’s a need, give a good thought and tell the character that you are already a winner. But getting into the character diverts us from leading our character as prescribed by god.
    Deeply touched! You made me to type essay! You triggered someone’s thinking. You made it Ziggy😊😊.👍👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you SK.. you always interpret so much out of my posts.. things that even I didn’t imagine while writing.. It is always a pleasure to listen to your perspective of things.. I am so glad that you never miss to shower me with your thoughts and I truly love them…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s the success of a writer. A writer must not only make the readers to love it, but also must provoke all their inner feelings towards the topic.
        Thank you for giving a space to register my views on it without even a word of opposition and objection. You seem to be a generous girl😊.
        Stay awesome forever😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are very kind SK… I always feel that I can improve on my understandings and thoughts with reader’s inputs.. to receive inputs and I love to enhance my limited knowledge of the topic… once again.. I thank you with all my heart..

        Liked by 1 person

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