painting on the wall

looks so to me

guess I am naive to understand

the state of mind of the man

holding the brush, surrounded by colors

does he belong to the city he painted

or he longs for it, for it’s zeal

is he jealous of the people living there

or he is one of them celebrating

flock of birds flying in the sky

are they for real or mere imagination

or the painter simply meaning

to prompt the admirer to go ahead

paint the painting

yet again

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15 thoughts on “Painting on the Wall

  1. Hiya Jyoti – as you probably already noticed, I’ve nominated you for the 3-day quote challenge! Yay!! 😀
    Do check out my post and find your nomination there. I’m so looking forward to reading your take on all this soon.
    Cheers – Robert. 🙂

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  2. This is pretty much how I felt as I stood on the field at Gettysburg PA yesterday looking at the cannons lined up on Seminary Ridge and hearing my husband explain the battle lines to me and the progression of the battle. I could hear the noise and see the battle in my mind as if I was actually witnessing it myself, the quiet desperation and hope of those involved in fighting for their respective beliefs. The confederacy actually conscripted one of my ancestors who was a simple farmer and wanted to remain outside of the war, so when he was not allowed to he ran off from the confederates and joined the union army. He was eventually caught by the confederates and hung in a town square along with about 10 others. The hangman was paid with their clothing and shoes for doing the job. (That was in N.C. where he was from…we know that he was a legitimate Union soldier because my Mother was able to find a copy of papers where his wife was applying for a Union pension.) I have to wonder how he felt when being forced to take an action that he had no intention of being involved in at all, and what a terrible outcome for having done so…that would be fate. I have to admire that instead of going with the flow, he chose his own path at least. Just like your poem about the painting…what would it be like if it were painted again, the colors would be different, and I wonder if my ancestor would have chosen differently if he had known the outcome. This is probably too much, but I felt that due to my trip that I was having some similar musings to you as you wrote this. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

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    1. O Dear Charlene… thank you for sharing your experience in line with the words of my poem… you know that’s what I felt while writing it.. it just came to me that everyone would weave different thoughts and the painting is bound to much more than just a painting when anyone looks at it.. thank you again for sharing your thoughts.. loved it..

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