with fame, along came much more

the glitter of pennies, a thousand followers

a house so big, tough to discover its boundaries

fancy outings, finest wine in those barrels

sexy feminine long dresses with flairs

such heavenly bags and shoes with all heels

this life i thought was worth living

didn’t i crave for it all the time

yet another dark reality that was realized

with fame, came such deep pain

it brought loneliness along with the crowd

it was killing sometimes, the applause

the glorious glory, was it worth my character?

only when i have it now, i am desperate

to be a common girl whom no one recognizes

a girl sipping her coffee in the coffee shop and no one stares

guess now i need a time machine

someone help me, i wanna travel back in time

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15 thoughts on “Along came with Fame

  1. How beautifully each segment of a fame life is plotted. Loved the ideology. I am purely in favour of unfame life since besides the glitters lies the dark world. True that. An awesome blogger.😊😄

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      1. Yeah. This poem is worth the view of celebrities. Shall share on my medial handles. In case someone hike a view😉😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awww love. Keep supporting. Being an individual woman, i need a support of super woman like you. Stay tuned. 😘😘😍

        Liked by 1 person

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