how broken could one be

how deeply could someone be pierced

how lonely can someone become

when to accompany you its only despair

how dark could nights become

dark enough to leave their mark

for the days to be dull and shadowy

with nothing but zilch to embark

i know why this “how” has happened

it has happened for the people false-hearted

who grab you, possess your character

some lead you, some leave you deserted

the truth so it is – quite resentful, ironic

by them, you shall remain surrounded

till eternity

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9 thoughts on “False Hearted

    1. You just made my day my dear… You know a few words of admiration and kindness can inspire the writer to a great extent.. your comments make me believe in myself.. its an awesome feeling… thanks a lot again

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      1. Aww. Your posts are really inspiring. From lady blogger like you i write such empowering posts. Would love again to listen to your views on my latest post – What SHE should wear? Is NOT your job. Warm sugary hugs.😊😘😘😘

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      2. just read it my dear… it is a great post and Bold enough to punch a lot of people in their faces… keep coming with such posts my dear.. it surely boosts the morale of all the girls around!! loads of love

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      3. pleasure is mine dear.. and i am glad to have found you here… building relationships is fun.. especially if as a team we can afford to make this world feel smaller than our will

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      4. Wow such an inspiring idea. A team with an awesome blogger like you is worth it. 😍 Would love to get your reviews on my other 2 posts as well,love. 😊

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