My dear friend Aki prompted me to write the response of a lover to his dying beloved’s question in one of my posts Would You remain Mine earlier today..

Here is what the lover has to say to his beloved who is dying, asking him if he would remain her’s after she is gone!


my love, O my love

how it pains me as you depart for heaven

consoling my bleeding heart I shall cry

I let my tears to fall forever

readying myself to bear the pain

holding you in my arms so safely

I watch your gentle spirit relieving your frame

there’s only one thing I am craving to assure

I shall never free me, from your love so deep

the way I look at you now with my affection

I shall only open my eyes to see your face

I shall utter my words only for you

to answer your anxiety in this moment

I give you my word

I would

yes I would remain yours

even if death do us part

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21 thoughts on “YES, I would remain yours, even if death do us part

  1. Inspired by your piece,
    If only I could see you one more time, I would pour my heart out and hold you till the end of time.
    I would kiss away your fears and wipe away your tears , if only I could see you one more time.
    I close my eyes and see your face , your touch, your smell makes me loose my grace.

    Your silent whispers still haunt me , the taste of those lips still excite me, I would not hesitate to say your mine , if only I could see you one more time.

    I would give it all up and wait all night, if only I could see you one more time.
    Your foot steps lay deep down in my soul , why did I loose you, dear god I’m again loosing my control.

    Why did you steal my pride,
    was it my happiness that made you take her life.
    Gone are the days when I knew how to smile , a look in her eyes and feel it’s all fine.

    I hope your listening and cherishing all memories of mine , coz the truth is I can never see you more time.

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    1. Beauty Beauty Beauty!!! This is simply the most touching response that could have been written. I want to thank you for helping me with this.. I am falling short of words here.. If you don’t mind, I would like to add it to the poem and publish it once more.


  2. My heart 😵 its beating much faster now after reading this so lovely poem. Oh god. Bless this poet and blogger. I wanna see her going so far.🙏😻

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  3. This is the most awaiting poem… I love love it, previous part was awesome it is beyond awesomeness, and a very special thank you for accepting my request and writing it.. “I will be remain with you even the death do us apart!” Awesome…

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