Titanic – him & her

Titanic – him & her

he was a boy of modest means

boarded the ship with his gamble win

she was a girl travelling in the first class

styled her hair with a diamond pin


him and her destined to make love

in the Atlantic on the ship of dreams Titanic


him and her destined to witness

the greatest tragedy

in a few days after they had met


him and her destined to fight together

their survival against the wrath of an iceberg


him and her destined to make sacrifices

each in their own way

her by keeping her promise to survive

him by giving his life away  (for her)

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Congratulations on writing 500 posts on mySestina!

Congratulations on writing 500 posts on mySestina!

Guys!! 500 posts and all because of your encouragement and support!!



the Child on the Street

the Child on the Street

the sun said goodbye

on the streets there were lights

few lit up, few flickering, the rest of them dead

it didn’t seem to bother the people passing by

neither did they notice a child

sitting under one lit up street light

lost in studying a book in his hands

a weighing machine sat by his side

through which he meant

to offer the people passing by

come stand on it

check how many pounds they gained

or did they lose a few

in return, drop a coin in the box

lying next to the weighing machine

for the child had used the light on the street to read

but before he goes to sleep later in the night

a little food, he deserves to eat

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My Merciless Heart

My Merciless Heart

i curse my heart

to grant access to agony

to let it proceed through its valves

to travel to every bit of my body

like blood

i curse my heart

to challenge

the strength of my brain

to keep me safe from pain

oh this heart…. it has no mercy for me…

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Why did They tell Me

Why did They tell Me

when they told me i was dying

i was left with just a few months

the illness inside me was growing

the healing cells in my body wouldn’t work

i was not prepared what my ears heard

i wanted to react, yet my face went blank


i drove back home, lied in my bed

my eyes open, i kept looking at the ceiling

i felt a little heaviness in me

i smiled to me ironically on the fact of dying

all of them know, they have to go

its much painful for me

for i know when

guess, am gonna die every moment now on

thinking it’s coming

till the time i die

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