Guys!! 500 posts and all because of your encouragement and support!!




62 thoughts on “Congratulations on writing 500 posts on mySestina!

  1. I can bet on it, i am more happy than Zigyasa at the moment for this Grand Achievement towards Mysestina!!!!!
    Many Many Congratulations Zig!!! Consistenccccccccccccccccccyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    – Cezane

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    1. Cezane!! I am sure, you are more happy than me today!! There are many signs that we all are seeing now a days.. Everything is just amazingly connected… joining the beads preparing a necklace..

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      1. Believe me Akhila, it’s not just me.. I am so sure of that.. It is the amazing environment here, it is the love of fellow bloggers, their support… remember, its an ocean of emotions and we are all fish.. none if us can survive alone.. we have to form a community.. stay together and swin

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