the sun said goodbye

on the streets there were lights

few lit up, few flickering, the rest of them dead

it didn’t seem to bother the people passing by

neither did they notice a child

sitting under one lit up street light

lost in studying a book in his hands

a weighing machine sat by his side

through which he meant

to offer the people passing by

come stand on it

check how many pounds they gained

or did they lose a few

in return, drop a coin in the box

lying next to the weighing machine

for the child had used the light on the street to read

but before he goes to sleep later in the night

a little food, he deserves to eat

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6 thoughts on “the Child on the Street

  1. This is where us humans come into concern when it comes to helping people who are at need. Sometimes those who walk around the streets with fruits or water, or those who stand next to a weighing machine selling your weight measures to you are those who do not beg for money in this world. So this poem has really passed that message that even if you do not want to know your weight, just measure it for the sake of giving, these are the people who don’t beg in life and let’s not forget in order to achieve what we seek most in life, we have to give more than we can take.
    Big Hug to you Zig for bringing this piece forth! – Cezane

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