he was a boy of modest means

boarded the ship with his gamble win

she was a girl travelling in the first class

styled her hair with a diamond pin


him and her destined to make love

in the Atlantic on the ship of dreams Titanic


him and her destined to witness

the greatest tragedy

in a few days after they had met


him and her destined to fight together

their survival against the wrath of an iceberg


him and her destined to make sacrifices

each in their own way

her by keeping her promise to survive

him by giving his life away  (for her)

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16 thoughts on “Titanic – him & her

  1. I think you have captured the meaning of true love. Not only that the way you use words to capture the emotion, makes me feel as if it was tugging at the very center of my soul. Great job!!!

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    1. Thank you Richard!! The emotion that the hero had in this movie for his love was just amazing!! how he gave his life so selflessly.. and how she survived even if she lost him..

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  2. I truly love your perspective here. You dominate here. You heart must have been won by this platform posed by the story in the film. You pay correct tribute to this odessy. This is hard to do what you have done here. Captured are the themes, sub and dominant. Proud for you.

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      1. rightly said… I guess everyone has a different take on love when it comes to dealing with it in real.. with different experiences, it is surely versatile..


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