music of the morning kissed the breeze
as soft warm rays of the sun woke up the birds
flowers bloomed to the songs being sung
branch of the trees were being danced upon
pigeons, sparrows, there were humming birds
making merry, bringing life to the earth
a magical sight for my eyes to witness
I wondered as I stood in my balcony
how could they hold such power divine
to make me feel so pure, pious
would be unjust to call them stray
they surely were the birds from heaven

in response to write on the prompt of Stray Birds by my dear friend ZeroCreativity0

image source

37 thoughts on “Birds from Heaven – no stray

      1. *tears of happiness* 😁
        Why, thank you.
        You are way too kind and sweet and generous and sweeter and kinder and generouser ( vocabulary needs updating, sry 😁).
        Again, the best thing anyone has ever said along with the previous best thing you said.
        Thank you. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. OMG, how can you be so sweet?
        I can’t stop crying *tears of happiness*, that is.

        I think I should copy paste this right back to you.
        You Ma’am, are an angel with a beautiful soul, a brilliant mind and a equally soft heart, spreading joy and well, motivating like anything.
        Yes, the truth stays as it is.

        Thank you very much, though, for being super sweet. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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