pains me to learn

you’ve made up your mind

you are leaving me behind

yet, a little hope in me

is pushing me to say

only one thing to you

I really really wanna assure you

I will be

waiting right here

in case

you change your mind

9 thoughts on “In case you change your Mind

  1. wait what, I’m confused sorry. is a man leaving a woman behind and the woman is saying she will be there in case he changes his mind?

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    1. a lover (could be a she or a he) leaving his or her lover behind, the one who is left behind is telling the one who is leaving, that she/he will stay there and wait, in case they wanna come back, in case they changed their mind to leave

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      1. Guess i failed to explain clearly.. my bad.. someone is leaving someone, and the one who is left behind, is still in love and that’s why they promise to stay there and wait in case their love wants to come back… didn’t think of it from the perspective of being healthy or not.. guess, time is a biggest healer..

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      2. Guess if you love the person, it would make sense. But from the outside you would think it’s better to move on if someone doesn’t love you back, but would be difficult. Thank you for explaining, very helpful:)

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