No Sign of His ANGEL

No Sign of His ANGEL

thrashed in a wrecked car

spluttered blood on the glass

resting head on the broken steering wheel

he laid, his senses came to a rest

wounded to death yet no sign of pain

time was of essence

he knew he was running short

longed for someone’s arrival

to carry him to a warm bed

with lifesavers looking upon him

he forced his spirit to hold on to his body

requested to borrow a few more minutes

yet no sign of his angel – he closed his eyes

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Their Mind in a Box

Their Mind in a Box

do my words sound golden to them

or are they even listening to what I say

are they in love, in their own fancy world

or are they pissed with me

they welcome, they reject

wisdom – with their own perceptions

not open to debate

not giving it a deep thought

either they cry or they fill their hearts with rage

dealing with their mind in a box

conclusions never made

solutions never reached

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When he made Love to Her

When he made Love to Her

masculine fragrance of his body

freshness after a shower

that sort of Christian Grey

with his fifty shades

seductive smile on his lips

playfulness in his eyes

he looked at her deeply

made her sip her wine

his tongue tasting her earlobes

she moaned shyly with pleasure

whispering to herself

she was dreaming in heaven

pleasured by her man, longing

for this dream, to last forver

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Memories in Rain

Memories in Rain

arms spread wide open

hugging the wind

face, up towards the sky 

as if posing for a picture

drizzling drops

caressing their closed eyes

clothes drenched

hair let loose

releasing paper boats 

in waterlogged

innocent of any trouble

a bunch of kids playing


memories in RAIN

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luxuriously, elegantly

relaxing on levels patiently

waiting to swallow

the lack of knowledge

of those

who are determined to come close

to touch, to hold

the wisdom treasured

on papers

sewn together

in ink

of all colors

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Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow Never Comes

today i decide to bring a smile to you

today i decide to fill excitement in you

today i decide to inspire you a little

shall i tell a story, or ask you a riddle

today i decide to read what you write

let’s go to the rooftop, shall we fly a kite

come a little closer, let’s kiss each other

let’s sit together & chat for a little while

aren’t we missing each other

aren’t we loosing it fast – the time

shall we do it ALL today

shall we not wait for tomorrow

for i have seen, i have learnt

sometimes leaving us puzzled

leaving us with missed moments


never comes

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The Empty Vase

The Empty Vase

emptiness of the vase

filled by the light

with the green lamp

lit by its side

the spring is gone

there are no more flowers

the vase waited for so long to be loved

why are there so many days in a year

long enough to keep the spring away

somehow, doesn’t matter much

with the passing time

they both have concluded

to be together

have fallen in love

the green lamp lit


the vase without flowers



many times, I told him

I was dying from the inside

every day, each moment of my life

the air between us not enough

to let me breathe

my heart felt suffocated

a million times, his hand I tried to reach

he was there sitting by my side

yet no sign of him till far away

my soul neglected bruised

I decided to wait for a little longer

every time I told me

he shall hold me in a little more while

today, i depart to stay in heaven

he is remained with nothing

but regret

with nothing

but to miss me by his side

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