arms spread wide open

hugging the wind

face, up towards the sky 

as if posing for a picture

drizzling drops

caressing their closed eyes

clothes drenched

hair let loose

releasing paper boats 

in waterlogged

innocent of any trouble

a bunch of kids playing


memories in RAIN

image source

11 thoughts on “Memories in Rain

      1. Your comments are bringing more of my childhood to me.. Thank you so much… I have always noticed one thing about writing and reading.. When someone writes, they do it with their own perspective, and when someone reads, they make that perspective much broader with their imagination… it is truly amazing and thrilling…. I request you to read one of my poems on the same theme..

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      2. Very true Sestina. When we write something we write it in our shadow of thoughts but when it’s open for the world to see, we come across various other shadows seeking solace for their anxiety and each and every shadow will see the same but in different light with different eye. And that’s where we see us grow, reading their thoughts, viewing through their binoculars. ^_^
        I’ll check it out now.:)

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