today i decide to bring a smile to you

today i decide to fill excitement in you

today i decide to inspire you a little

shall i tell a story, or ask you a riddle

today i decide to read what you write

let’s go to the rooftop, shall we fly a kite

come a little closer, let’s kiss each other

let’s sit together & chat for a little while

aren’t we missing each other

aren’t we loosing it fast – the time

shall we do it ALL today

shall we not wait for tomorrow

for i have seen, i have learnt

sometimes leaving us puzzled

leaving us with missed moments


never comes

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15 thoughts on “Tomorrow Never Comes

  1. That is so true, sometimes a person will pass away unexpectedly and future plans never happen because there is no future for that person….we can plan, but we really only have the moment that we are in. This one really hit me in the sadness zone very much.

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      1. I really enjoy your posts, and having a reminder of someone who is dear to you, even if it is sad, can be a good thing because usually along with the missing of that person comes many fond memories.

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      2. you have said such a beautiful thing my dear!! Our loved ones always bring us memories, be it sad or happy.. and i believe that even sadness has a very special place in our lives and we must enjoy it.. it is a beautiful feeling sometimes even to miss someone.. brings that person closer to us.. Loads of love to you my dear

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