Our Unfailing Guardians

Our Unfailing Guardians

mother earth following the circles

arms wrapped around her children

singing lullaby soothing

putting them to sleep, to the land of dreams

father sun performing his role

waking up the children, giving them glow

inspiring them with resilience abundant

insisting to recollect dreams from the past night

making them true, setting them right

mother earth – father sun

our unfailing guardians

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The Purple Rose

The Purple Rose


came the dawn

dreaming bud

took a lazy yawn

stretched its arms

it felt the dew

it was its moment

to bloom

soft rays of the sun

served a little glow

petals all

announced to unfold

one after the other

they all glorified

revealing divinity

of a purple rose

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whispers of HOPE

covered the sky

falling on earth

like soft snow flakes

giving a dazzling sight

for the eyes to behold

spreading positivity

for the hearts to hold

the nights not darker

not longer no more

days inspired

like rising waves on the shore

souls swarmed with zeal to the goal

unstopping, tirelessly ascended the slope

let’s see, let’s hear, let’s smile

some HOPE

invincible, supreme, angelic


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a tale narrated

by the history of humankind


have lead the path unfailingly


to unchain the doors, chained


the will to perform

relentlessly, untiringly

shown dreams to the open eyes

provided the courage to live those dreams

how ASPIRATIONS have faded the pain

inspired a boy to be that man

ASPIRATIONS never failed to create the History

must we learn to Aspire

must we create a FUTURE

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My Dear Paper Dictionary

My Dear Paper Dictionary

my dear paper dictionary

will you forgive me please

for i don’t hold you anymore

i dumped you in that old box

sealed, kept somewhere in my garage

there were days, when i couldn’t do without you

i would open and search through you, a hundred times

on days when i wrote essays in my school

would you forgive me for i am selfish now

lazy to flip through your many pages

i now depend on the latest means

today, i have the urge to open the sealed box

in which i dumped you with my own hands

today, i have the craving to hold you again

i promise to keep you safe in my bag

promise to carry you along everywhere

forgive me my dear paper dictionary

i shall dump you NEVER again

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