morning, was bright & shining
with life all around
there were birds singing
as I touched my feet to the ground

give me a hug my princess
dad caressed my forehead
come, have your breakfast sweety
said mom with milk & bread
this world really was a perfect place
until, I stepped out of the gate

walking my way to college
they started to follow
lewd notes on my frame
made my spirit hollow

there was a push & hit
didn’t know what to think
ran as hard as i could
it was torn – my hood

my world became horrid & bent
i pinched myself to check
if it was a nightmare
or was i even breathing

i die a thousand deaths
to see that I am not safe
why for me in the whole world
my home is the only place

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17 thoughts on “Her Insecurities

    1. Yes my dear.. I can really understand how your could relate to this particular post… My elder daughter is just about 6 years younger to you.. When I saw your smiling picture, I could picture her being in her teens and that worries me more than giving me joy.. how sad


      1. It is very very sad indeed ! you know even the thought of it makes me go through such a weird emotion which I cannot even describe in words. However,I shall not be docile and let a few bunch of perverts, who spoil the name of the entire male race , dissuade me ! Women are strong : )

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