we couldn’t write a song

failed to make memories

to last for long

his emotions

failed him, to reach to me

my words, failed me at the same time


shall we part

for there’s no music for us

we have no song

to us

it just doesn’t belong

– the song

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7 thoughts on “We have no Song

  1. I have a question . How do you keep your blog fresh and you know , manage followers .I don’t think so my article is really not worth reading , It is not that bad , still I keep losing my followers. Sorry if the comment is irrelevant but I hope you would answer it☺

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    1. O Dear.. please dont loose heart… its very important to build relationships with other bloggers.. you must pay attention to their work as well.. its always a give and take scenario… once a relationship is built, no one will stop following you and the numbes will grow.. try to comment on the community pool posts..
      Its a great way to get exposure… i wish you all the best… by the way, since when have you been blogging if i may ask

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  2. Okay ,I’ll be honest .A week (*_*) , I know it’s only been a week and I am expecting way too much , I would surely follow your advice and try to interact with other bloggers . Thank you so much😊😊

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