lives fragmentary, broken

chasing greed, thriving for more

possessions irrelevant

competing to possess more.. more

naive to perceive, foolish to register

the merriment to be relished

hidden in tiny little things

goals as soon as achieved, newer set

no hours assigned to celebrate achievements

lives fragmentary becoming now hollow

beauty lost in the game of greed

leading lives to nothingness

making them empty

lives lifeless ultimately

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6 thoughts on “Game of Greed

  1. I agree with this idea. In one poem they call this idea the “beggars bowl,” where every time someone throws money into the bowl the money disappears. the bowl is supposed to represent human desire and human desire can never truly be filled up because as humans, we naturally always want more and more. if we make one million, all we will think about is what it’s like to make 10 million and then 100 million. we never become satisfied. if however you have a goal to do something with the money you’re striving for like retire your parents or give to charity or do something fun and nice for friends and family then the beggars bowl can be filled. money alone and greed won’t however. another nice poem

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    1. Another nice and explanatory comment… I love the fact how you express your ideas on my poems.. The good thing is you don’t shy away commenting even if you disagree.. keep going.. I truly appreciate your time and thoughts Vincent!!

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