she smiled

to hide her agony

her eyes betrayed her

tears emerged

in her deep dark eyes

telling the story loud

like always

they never fail

to announce her pain

Oh, she is fed up

being played by her own eyes

how they have achieved perfection 

declaring HER to be imperfect

to be able to pretend

even a smile

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12 thoughts on “Perfection revealing Imperfection

  1. The eyes never lie, I was like this at one time before I found my purpose. Us as women have always put on a show of bravery forgetting we are allowed to be human and have human emotions. are you peeking in my journals from my 20s again ms lady

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    1. hehe… I am so glad you could relate to the thought so well… Actually, I strongly believe, we all as human beings have our moments of pain and we want to hide it from the rest of the world.. especially women can picture themselves in this situation many a times.. thank you for your kind words

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